Get healthy, lose weight effectively, and keep it off!


90 Day Total Body Transformation

Lost 65 lbs in 90 days. Cholesterol reduced by 45 points. Triglycerides reduced 252 points.


Pounds & Inches

Lost 77 lbs and 12 sizes…went from a size 20 to a size 8.


Diabetes & Cholesterol

70 year old diabetic father has gone from 182 lbs to 155 lbs, 4 insulin needles per day to ZERO, 14 pharmaceutical prescription drugs down to 2.

Welcome to Unicity International’s transformation department- with our roots going back to the first Rexall Drugs in 1907, we have a specific health agenda in mind that we have found to be life changing for the everyday individual struggling to lose weight and get healthy- EDUCATION-specifically working with a nutritional coach.

Unicity International is one of the world’s leading nutritional distribution companies.  With ground breaking research and results, producing products now in the physicians’ desk reference- Unicity realized that an opportunity existed to actually get people healthy, and safely lose weight.  We focus on YOUR health.    This program has helped many individuals with health issues including Diabetes, high blood pressure, and bad cholesterol.   When we approach a participant with a healthy focus, great long term results follow.

Our goal and mission is simple – to effectively coach good health and positive, long term weight loss. Since conception, all compliant participants are hitting target health and weight goals- We found after working with over 2200 participants that when done correctly by eliminating variables and obstacles, we can coach an individual to long term good health.

How does Unicity benefit from this process?  Success stories of participants produce incredible testimonials that can be ideally used for marketing!  With that said, our Consultants actively screen for individuals that we feel can meet our programs expectations- People that are needing a life change, a more healthy approach to weight loss- most importantly – something that works!

Space is limited- and participation is by qualification- we simply can’t work with everyone- and to get the testimonials we want – we don’t want to work with just anyone.

So, welcome to our world of good health- we look forward to meeting you.

Consideration ProcessCurrently working with a Consultant?

What we look for:

  • People with a long-history of weight problems.
  • People who have tried several other diets, programs, products, etc. with only short-term success or no success at all.
  • People who are experiencing other health-related issues (ie. Sleeping problems, back problems, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.) either directly or indirectly with their weight.
  • People who have lost confidence in themselves and believed that they or their body chemistry were the problem.
  • People who have experienced a weight-gain after a significant event (ie. Child birth, menopause, retirement, accident, etc.)

What’s Special About Our Program?  Review our success stories with before and after blood work. You will be amazed at the results !!

The “Make Life Better Transformation” simply put has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I’m like so many others that have tried diets so many different times – some with the initial success of losing the weight but never with the success of keeping the weight off. I have been able to succeed on this program. Continue Reading

My story actually begins before I started the Transformation program. In February of this year, my mom and sisters began the program. My mom started telling me about the weight that they had lost so far on the program. I knew that I was a few pounds (so I thought) overweight. My mom asked me several times if I would Continue Reading

By definition, a transformation is, “any change in an organism which alters its general character and mode of life.” My 13 week journey on the Get Slim Now Transformation has truly altered my character and my life.  I’m the person everyone counts on to be committed to get things done.  I have always kept my commitments to others, but never Continue Reading

Listen to what Dr Neal Secrist says about transformation.


“Give us 13 weeks of your life, and we’ll give you a new life”.

Stewart Hughes
Unicity International CEO